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Empowering you to discover your divine purpose and build wealth through entrepreneurship with
the goal being to advance


God's Kingdom

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Get ahold of this incredible, free teaching,

"How To Receive A GOD-Idea For Your Life And Business"

It's one thing to receive a good idea, but it's another to receive a God-idea. This entails learning to distinguish between God's voice and yours and discovering His will for your life; it means learning how to position yourself to hear and receive from Him.

One idea from God can - and will - change your life!


Are you interested in starting an online business? We've got the expertise to
help you get started.

Start making money by launching a product or service using this simple system, designed to give you the tools and personalized guidance necessary for achieving your goals.

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Need help writing, publishing, and promoting your book? Join

Self-Publishing School

Join our 12-week program to learn how to write, publish, and promote your book. We will help you create a compelling manuscript, achieve your writing objectives, guide you through the self-publishing process, and teach you how to effectively market your book for maximum profits.

About Us

Hello. My name is Timothy Flemming, Jr.

In 2013, I founded T&J Publishers, a book publishing company. And since then, I've helped hundreds of authors write and publish their books. I've worked with all kinds of clients from pastors to life coaches, entrepreneurs, and even reality television personalities and celebrity athletes. Aside from that, I've also helped entrepreneurs build online businesses, utilizing my expertise in storytelling, niching, branding, website design, and copywriting.

I'm also an ordained minister with nearly thirty years of experience helping individuals discover God's purpose for their lives, unlock their true potential, and transform their pain into the fuel that drives them towards greatness. I'm the founder of The Discovery Center, a ministry designed to train, equip and transform lives for the Kingdom of God.

To learn more about me, click the button below.

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Online Courses

Courses designed to help you grow in the areas of spiritual & personal development and entrepreneurship.

It's time to go to the next level in your life and business.



with Timothy Flemming, Jr.

Gain valuable insights into business, personal growth, relationships, the hot topics of the day, and more.


Free videos designed to help you reach your goals and create the life you desire

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