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Get to Know Me

I am a Brand Developer, Entrepreneur, Coach, Public Speaker, Christian Minister, Author and Award-Winning Writer, having won multiple awards for creative writing and poetry. I help entrepreneurs build systems and develop their brands. I also provide writing coach services where I help people to develop their books. Lastly, I provide personal development coaching where I help individuals get unstuck in their personal lives and undergo positive transformations so they can experience meaningful, happier and more fulfilling lives. In short, I love to coach people into wholeness where they experience both the personal and professional freedom they deserve, and I've been doing so for over 20 years. In 1995, I left the sports world and stepped into my ultimate calling: the ministry. Since then, I've counseled a multitude of people in their personal and spiritual development. My approach is a biblically-based one combining psychology with goal-oriented coaching to help individuals break free from destructive cycles such as self-sabatoge and procrastination while discovering their passions, strengths and purpose, and setting clear goals in their lives. As a Brand Developer and Writing Coach, I make people look and sound good. That's my specialty, my gift as others have noted. I have a keen eye for design and a tendency to focus on the fine details that make brands work, such as creating the right messaging to attract one's ideal client. As an entrepreneur, I founded T&J Publishers in 2010. Since then, I've worked with hundreds of individuals, from life coaches to pastors to reality television personalities, celebrity athletes and more, helping them to write and publish their books. In 2022, I created The Kingdom Launch Pad Academy where I coach individuals and business owners in the areas of brand development, creating a brand message, designing sales funnels, creating an offer, creating digital products, marketing, and more. I am the co-founder of The Discovery Center, LLC, a Christian ministry designed to help people discover their purposes and develop mentally and spiritually so they can lead better, more fulfilling lives, experience true financial freedom, and improve the quality of their relationships. Most of all, I am a happy husband and proud father of three wonderful kids.

You Are
The Brand!

That's the advice I give my publishing clients.

The key to success in business or as an author is building your personal brand. This allows you to position yourself as an expert in people's eyes.

Your personal brand consists of your brand image, online presence,

brand message, content, products and marketing. These are the main difference-maker between landing your ideal client and making money

and not landing your ideal client and not making money.

Join the Kingdom Launch Pad Academy and let us help you...

Discover your Niche

Market and Promote

your Brand and Program

Develop your Brand Look (website, logo, etc.) and

your Brand Message

Market and Promote

your Brand and Program

Turn your message, story

or expertise into an Online Course and/or Signature Coaching Program


Dr. Jeri Godhigh, Podcaster
and Bestselling Author

“I had a great experience working with you and your company. You understood my vision and you helped to bring that to fruition. You are gifted at what you do."

Styland Scott, Author

"I am most thankful for all that you have done to make a dream and vision, a reality! Your expertise, patience and professional work is by far commendable and I can't wait to continue to work with you on other projects, as well as recommend others to you."

Geneva Brooks, Author

"I initially was going use another company, but after meeting T&J Publishing, I know they were GOD sent because they're easily accessible, lend me step by step through the process and guided me all the way through and now my book sales are phenomenal."

"Stop looking for a hero

and look for a guide

who can unleash

the hero that's

already inside

of you."

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"Your strategy session was extremely helpful. It help me to see a lot of errant thinking and gave me a great direction and starting point to go. I was given clear and concise steps that would help me immensely in reaching my goal." - Rosalind Marshall, author


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Selling More Books

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As an accomplished author, Timothy has written numerous books on leadership, personal development and faith, as well as books of poetry and other works of fiction, which you can find in this section.


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