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Have a book or business idea, but feeling stuck? Need some feedback or direction concerning your idea?

Book a free 30-minute strategy call and let's talk.

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I help people discover their
Purpose, and I help them 

                          their Purpose
through Entrepreneurship.


“Your strategy session was extremely helpful. It helped me to see a lot of errant thinking and gave me a great direction and starting point to go. I was given clear and concise steps that would help me immensely in reaching my goal.”


- Rosalyn Marshal, author


Your personal transformation and financial revolution doesn't begin with a good idea; it begins with a "GOD-Idea". Sign up today and get instant access to my free online training, "How To Receive A 'God-Idea' For Your Life And Business".

Skip This Section If You're Already Satisfied With Where You Are In Life And You're Not Looking For A Change!

Stop despairing! You already possess a natural brilliance and hidden genius that can transform your financial situation and provide the quality of life you so desperately crave for you and those you love. God placed it inside of you at birth. But this brilliance and genius only comes alive when you are doing the "one thing" you were created to do, which is your purpose.

There's a systematic way to discover this brilliance and unlock this genius. Said another way, there's an easy, step-by-step guide available that can help you uncover your marketplace gift while giving you the proven strategies and tools needed to build a profitable online business that allows you to... 

  • Regain control of your time and life and break free from the chaotic "survival mode" you've been stuck in for far too long

  • Provide a better quality of life for yourself and your family

  • Pursue your higher purpose in life without worrying about how you're going to pay the bills

  • Experience greater fulfillment by motivating, inspiring and transforming the lives of others

Truthfully, you don't need a hero to rescue you; you just need a guide who can bring out the hero that's already inside of you by helping you to tap into your innate brilliance and hidden genius.

About Us

I felt lost. I lacked a sense of purpose and the finances to live out my purpose. But God took me on a journey of self-discovery and revealed to me I had the ability to create the wealth I needed through the gifts and expertise I already possessed. That's when I started to examine myself more deeply, exploring my uniqueness, passions and abilities.

In 2013, I launched T&J Publishers, a book publishing company that has served hundreds of authors. I created the Kingdom Launch Pad, where I provide business coaching and brand development services to entrepreneurs. My wife and I also founded The Discovery Center, a teaching ministry and Christian training ground designed for those who're looking to grow spiritually, experience personal transformation, develop their spiritual gifts, and build healthy relationships.

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Online Courses

Courses designed to help you grow in the areas of personal development and entrepreneurship.

It's time to go to the next level in your life and business.

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Doing entrepreneurship...

the "Kingdom" way.

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The Big PicturePodcast

This microphone is on fire...with the truth.

As an accomplished author, Timothy has written numerous books on leadership, personal development and faith, as well as books of poetry and other works of fiction, which you can find in this section.


Videos to help you design the life you want