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Timothy Flemming, Jr.'s Bio

I'm an ordained minister, author, award-winning writer, coach entrepreneur, and public speaker.

I am an author, having published several books (Prophetic Patterns In The Bible, Exposing The Great Deception, One Giant Away, The Phenomenal Seed, and Proof This Isn't Hell). I've worked over a decade as a ghostwriter, writing and publishing books for many others. I've won several awards for creative writing, the latest being the Famous Poets Society's $25,000 grand prize. I also won the $10,000 first place prize and $5,000 second place prize in the same competition.


In 2013, I founded T&J Publishers, a book publishing company designed to help authors with a positive, uplifting, inspiring message publish their books. Since then, I've worked with hundreds of authors from pastors to life coaches, entrepreneurs, reality television personalities, celebrity athletes, and more. I've also ghostwritten countless books and provided writing coach services, helping clients to craft their stories in a way that captivated their target audiences and effectively communicated their message.

As a business coach, I've worked with numerous clients, helping them to develop their brand messages, online presences, digital products and more, and I've conducted workshops as a speaker, lecturing on topics such as entrepreneurship, creative writing, branding and marketing, and book publishing.

I became an ordained minister in 1995 after initially running from my calling - I was sixteen-years-old. My ambition was sports, particularly boxing where I had placed in the Golden Gloves before finally surrendering to God after a series of supernatural events that occurred in my life. I serve in ministry today, conducting Bible Studies and ministry training. In 2024, my wife (Jackie) and I founded The Discovery Center, a ministry designed to equip and train the Body of Christ for "works of ministry" according to Ephesians 4:12. 


In 2003, I married my soul-mate, Jackie, and together we have three children: Timothy Flemming, III; Timera JaNae Flemming, and Jeremiah Flemming.


Today, I enjoy spending time with my family. My wife and I enjoy helping others discover their gifts and God-given purposes, creating conferences, empowerment events, and more. And when we're not doing that, we're usually on a beach somewhere - maybe in Mexico, Jamaica, or (my favorite) Florida (yes, I still love rollercoasters. Crazy about them! Can't say the same for my wife, though).

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