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Hi, my name is
Timothy Flemming, Jr.
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And this is my wife,
We're both Christian ministers. And we're both entrepreneurs. I started my own book publishing company in 2013, T&J Publishers. Since then, I've helped hundreds of individuals from pastors to life coaches, entrepreneurs, even reality television personalities and celebrity athletes write and publish their books. As a brand developer and course creator, I've worked with numerous individuals to develop their brands and signature coaching programs.

My wife, Jackie, is a public speaker, media sensation, marketing guru and coach who has shared platforms speaking on business with names such as Rasheeda Ali ("Love & Hip Hop"), Lisa Nicole Cloud ("Married To Medicine"), and many, many more. 

We've both created 6-figure earning businesses and programs as entrepreneurs.

This was earned in only 3 days through one online course

We also created conferences and workshops drawing people by the hundreds, and even the thousands, from all over the country...and beyond.
We started right where you are (or probably worse): a family of 5 struggling like crazy while squeezed into a tight little apartment with thin walls, ghetto neighbors, an old couple living beneath us who kept calling the cops on us every time we walked around our own apartment due to the squeaky floors, and couches so dirty and torn up we couldn't afford to let company come over.

We didn't start in a perfect place, in a perfect position. But we had a God-idea. And we started right where w
e were rather than waiting for "the perfect moment," which will never come. 

I can remember taking one of the bedrooms and setting up a small desk, painting one of the walls pink for a backdrop, buying some camera lights, and flipping it into a small film studio where we could record videos and my wife could do her Facebook Lives. We started where we were, and our "God-idea" led us from a small, 3-bedroom apartment to a complete lifestyle change and our own office in the luxurious Marietta area complete with a clothing boutique, offices, and a professional recording studio. Start where you are.

Actual photo of our 3-bedroom apartment

Office headquarters with offices and recording studio

Wife's clothing boutique

The apartment we lived in
Grand Opening of T&J Publishers Office and Jackie's Collection Boutique
Jackie's Collection Boutique

Before stepping out on faith and following God's plan for our lives, we were comfortable. We were doing pretty...okay for ourselves. My wife was making good money as a Section 8 Leasing Agent at a property management company, and I was a church administrator. We lived in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. But then...

God spoke to our hearts about becoming entrepreneurs, something we knew nothing about. That's when we stepped into the entrepreneurship space. At first, we failed. We'd tried a number of network marketing businesses, but we didn't know what we were doing. After finally chasing most of our family and friends away (I mean, how many packs of free coffee can they take?), we gave up on the entrepreneurship thing. My wife went back to work, only this time to find herself working for...the antichrist's niece.

My wife had to leave that job for her health - and sanity - sake. We then set out again to become entrepreneurs, but this time, we did something we didn't do the first time: we invested into coaching. We spent tens of thousands of dollars learning from coaches, and that's when we began to experience success in our businesses. We developed systems for success and grew our platform. And as our influence grew, our money grew.

Today, we spend much of our time coaching people one-on-one and through our workshops in the areas of entrepreneurship and personal and spiritual development. We get to spend our time helping others and touching countless lives through ministry and business, essentially living out our purpose. 


And when we're not running our businesses, coaching and doing ministry together, we're spending time with our three kids, going to their sporting events and extracurricular activities, or enjoying date night.

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