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God has given you immense potential and a huge mission to fulfill. However, there is one question I would like
to ask you:


Are You Watching Your Dreams Slip
Away While Chained To A Desk?

Do you feel called by God to make a greater impact in this world but can't due to financial restraints? You don't have time to be "stuck". You have too many lives to touch and too much on the inside of you to just sit at a desk. Did you know you could generate a passive income stream to support the work you feel called to do using your manifesto or expertise? No need to look for some "gig" that doesn't fit

you when you already have what other people need in spades. So why not give it a try?

I grew up as a preacher's kid that just means I've seen financial struggles. Many "gifted and anointed" people are broke. Some may look wealthy, but they aren't. Many want to do what God has called them to do but can't because they lack finances. I remember when God first spoke to my wife and I about gaining financial independence. He told us we needed to "create" our own wealth by starting a business. Still, we were clueless about what to do. So we did what everyone else around us was doing and joined network marketing. That was a disaster. We tried selling everything from organic coffee to acai drinks, bleach-free household cleaning products, streaming services, legal aid plans, supplements, etc. We made zero dollars  plus whenever friends and family saw us coming they would take off in the opposite direction because they knew we were going to hound them with "free samples". I even tried real estate, and nearly invested all of my savings into property flipping venture which crashed after its director was caught committing fraud and sent to prison.

Regarding doing an online business, I thought that only scammers or charismatic people were fit for that. I thought you had to be persuasive like Jordan Belfort to make it happen I had a slow southern accent and no sales experience, so that ruled me out. In the meantime, my wife was at her breaking point, suffering on a job where she worked for the antichrist's niece  sorry, I meant a new boss...who

had been brought in just to torture her. She started stressing so much she developed acid reflux. I had a job, but I needed a way to bring in extra money to take care of my family. So forget pursuing our dreams; we were simply trying to survive. And it appeared as if we were all out of options. But then, 

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something amazing happened: we met a success coach. She tutored us on crafting our own products and services, making something unique that we could put forward without having to "sell". She helped us discover and monetize "our" gifts and expertise. It was so simple! And once we saw results start coming in, our minds were blown. I went from making zero dollars in network marketing to making actual cash using my own expertise as you can see:

My 2021 PayPal Statement

That was one of my slower periods. And yet, the money I made online rivaled my annual salary from my job.

Thanks to the income produced by our online businesses, my wife and I were able to open our own office free from debt — meaning no bank loans or any other type of loan.

Grand Opening of T&J Publishers Office and Jackie's Collection Boutique
Jackie's Collection Boutique

That income also allowed us to fulfill our dream of transforming the lives of others through our own events.

Level Up Conference 2022
Speaking at a conference
A Night of Purpose 2020
A Night of Purpose 2018
Purpose Bootcamp Training

And speaking of my wife, Jackie...

Jackie Flemming

(Yeah, I know she's hot! Okay, that's enough staring!)

With minimal effort, she was able to quit her job and begin working online full-time. For example, just one of the online courses I helped her create generated over $20K of passive income within a short time frame. And this does not include the thousands of dollars in monthly revenue generated from the other online products she created and launched.

Screenshot of payout
Monthly Passive Income (without doing any work)

The moment I realized something had to change!

And fast!

The apartment we lived in

A sudden urge prompted me to take this picture on my cellphone one day  it was the Holy Spirit encouraging me to start documenting our journey.

Above is an image of the small space my family and I occupied for several years; worn down furniture filled most of it. We struggled financially. But the most humiliating moment for me was searching through couch cushions to find money for food and gas. That's when I angrily asked God, "Where are you? Where are all those financial blessings, those provisions you promised? Why am I not blessed? Why am I struggling so hard?" During this time, we could barely put Christmas gifts under the tree for our kids. Long hours at work never seemed enough; we could barely keep up with bills - let alone go on vacation unless someone else paid for us! But that all changed...


Suddenly, we could afford to enjoy life more and take dream vacations doing things like ride jet skis and go horseback riding on the beach, as well as enjoy romantic dinners on the beach in places like the LaBlanc Resort in Cancun and Jamaica.

There were three things we did that changed our situation. But before I reveal what they were, I want you to read this:

The aim of my story was to demonstrate that it is possible to make money online, even when you doubt yourself and the notion seems incomprehensible. Making a considerable income online is achievable. In fact, some online entrepreneurs bring in six, seven and eight figures every month, some weekly. Although it's certainly possible to get to that level, if you're like most people, then an additional $1K - $10k a month could improve your situation. So let's start there and work our way up.

Dinner on the beach at LaBlanc in Cancun
On the beach with my wife in Cancun
Horseback on the beach in Jamaica


You're probably doing something right now 'for free' that has the potential to earn you 5, 6, and even figures on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis. You just don't realize it…yet.

No miracle check came in the mail. Instead, God flipped on the light switch in our heads and revealed to us that we already possessed the solution to our financial problem — it was something we were already doing freely: helping people solve their problems. We just didn't know how to turn our passion into a business. The Holy Spirit reminded me of 2 Kings 4:2 where a widow woman who was facing a financial crisis begged God for help. Rather than money, God sent a prophet her way to tell her the solution to her problem was already sitting in her house. What's in your house? What ability, story or expertise do you have that is readily available to generate big bucks right now? What service or product idea has God already placed in your spirit?

Regardless of your experience or lack thereof, financial background, education level, location, or any other circumstance — you can learn how to generate significant profit quickly and easily. Many people without any prior business or sales experience are able to generate significant income with minimal effort — and they're no different from


you. And it doesn't matter if you don't have money in the bank, lack a college degree, have no sales background, no influence, daunting debt — all these roadblocks can be overridden with the right knowledge and skillset for generating substantial revenue online. No matter if you’re a doctor who’s just opened up your own practice or a housewife looking for some extra money on the side  these methods will work for everyone. You just need to know "how" to do it.

Achieving success as an online entrepreneur doesn't have to be complicated. All it takes is commitment and the willingness to put in some time and effort to learn new skills. If you have dreams you want to accomplish, if you thirst for a purpose that only you can fulfill, there's no time for hesitation due to financial difficulties. The answer lies in systematization; the "how" is simpler than you know. 

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3 Things We Did That Changed Our Lives

There were three things my wife and I did to change our story:

First, we hired a coach. We hired a coach who already had success in the field that we wanted to enter. We were determined not to get lost in an overwhelming sea of information from Google and Youtube much of which seemed too good to be true. And we weren't about to sit under a professor who had never actually run a successful business. By learning directly from someone successful in our chosen field, we gained valuable insights into what would actually work for us.

Second, we got the right tools. Success requires the right tools. Attempting to do the right things in the wrong order or trying to tackle challenges without appropriate resources will only lead to feelings of frustration and discouragement, which can cause one to quit prematurely — believing they weren't meant for online entrepreneurism. Utilizing the proper tools simplifies your efforts, reduces associated strain, and increases your rate of return, allowing you to achieve results faster than ever imagined. You actually find yourself working less while earning more.


In the Bible, there's a principle known as the Law of Diligence. Proverbs 10:4 says, "...the hand of the diligent maketh rich." Bestselling author Steven K. Scott explained the biblical definition of diligence in his book The Richest Man Who Ever Lived. He wrote, "Solomon doesn't speak of diligence as a measure of hard work, but as a measure of smart work. Just as a man shouldn't attempt to cut down a tree with a hammer, when a chainsaw is readily available, you shouldn't think of working hard when true diligence is to work smart."

When we started working smarter, our businesses began to generate tens of thousands of dollars. We found success when we used the right tools and conducted tasks in an efficient manner. Prior to that, our efforts were misguided, like trying to cut down a tree with a hammer the wrong tool for the job.

Third, we found the right community. While there may be those who have a pessimistic view of what is achievable, experience has taught us that incredible success is within reach for many. My wife and I have seen people on a regular basis earning 5, 6, and 7 figures every month and even weekly due in part to the right tools and coaches they had, as well as the supportive community around them. All of the successful people we met were members of masterminds. They realized that having access to feedback from other individuals who would critique their ideas while helping guide their execution and hold them accountable to meeting their goals was invaluable. The annual fee for such mastermind groups can cost up to $40K or potentially even more. Some of them, like Russell Brunson's 2 Comma Club, require that you earn over a million dollars a year just to be eligible for enrollment. But the payoff is well worth it, seeing as how these entrepreneurs always double, triple, and even quadruple their income as a result of being in these groups.

Are You Ready For The Tools?

Now that you know there are people making a lot of money online, you may be wondering how they do it. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's not as difficult as you may think.


In fact, I've created a program that will walk you through the exact steps successful entrepreneurs use to generate thousands of dollars online. It’s called the...


This is an online course designed specifically for people just like you who want to create a passive income stream online, making between 5 and 7 figures using their story or expertise. I created this program because I know how challenging it can be to start and grow and online business. But it's so much easier when you have the right tools.


The Kingdom Launch Pad Program includes 6 training modules where I will teach you how to…

New Kingdom Launch Pad logo_edited.png

Get crystal clear on your vision


Discover your niche and how to position yourself as an expert


Create books and digital products that sell even if you're unknown and don't have a big following


Build a powerful brand that causes others to notice you and take you seriously


Build a high-converting, cash-generating website 


Generate organic traffic without spending tons of money on expensive ads


Create irresistible offers others can't refuse


Develop an unshakable confidence that allows you to demand your worth

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Get The Best Value

This course includes...

  • 6 Training Modules that include 14 Videos

  • Downloadable Workbook with 16 Worksheets (valued at over $200)

  • Bonus Downloads (sales letter templates, and more) 

  • A Free Copy of my new book, "Believing God"


$2,500 value