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HELP!!!!!! I'm Having An Identity Crisis!

"I know I was born a male in 1979, but I'm really an 8 year old little girl trapped in a grown man's body, and I demand that I be allowed to play on the little league girl's soccer team!!! How dare the athletic commission not allow me to play on the 8-10 year old girl's soccer team!! I'm going to sue! Wah! Wah! Wah!"

No, I'm just kidding. I know who I am. I am a man; I was born that way, created that way, designed that way by God. When I was a child, I wanted to be a Ninja. I played with dangerous items and practiced on my stealth moves as if I was a Ninja. But at one point in time I also wanted to be a superhero and I believed in Santa Claus and the Ferry God-Mother. But, you know, the strangest thing happened to me: I grew up. Part of growing up entailed discovering that I don't get to change reality; I just have to accept what is and learn to embrace the role I've been given in life. Some things can be changed, things that were placed on me by man and Satan - I don't have to accept poverty, defeat, low self-esteem, and the likes. However, some things were specifically placed on me by God - my gender, my ethnicity, my age, my genes, where and to whom I was born. We should strive to cast off manmade labels that restrict us from walking in our purposes, but never seek to cast off God-ordained labels that identify us and provide for us a sense of God-given purpose. 

One day, I had a discussion with a lady who worked in the mental health field. She was lambasting society for placing labels on women and forcing little girls to, God forbid, play with dolls rather than with toy trucks. I understood her concerns. But I also saw through the holes in her argument, which was that society shouldn't hold certain expectations of men and women to fulfill certain roles. I then explained to her that certain roles weren't placed on us by society, but by nature itself. I went on to explain that . . . men can't breast-feed babies; only women can. Men can't get pregnant; only women can. Men don't experience menstruation cycles either. Men and women are biologically hardwired differently. So, if the little girl is playing with a doll and stroller, maybe that is because she is cultivating a natural biological proclivity that is more specific to the female gender. Both men and women can cook and clean a house, but only women possess the special "equipment" needed to properly nurture newborn babies. That's gender specific task. And that's just one example. Of course, my response certainly rattled the good doctor's delicate feathers. But it is what it is. It's life. We don't get to create the world in our image. The world was here before we got here. So, settle down and get in where you fit in. 

Unfortunately, many people don't see things in this light. Today, there are many who are pushing to make sure that gender confusion becomes an identity. We're on a slippery slope today, spiraling into moral anarchy. When I first heard about the story of the 40+ year old man (seen in the picture above) who left his wife and children and decided to come out as a 6 year old transgender girl and then enroll himself in the Canadian Transgender Project where he was placed under the care of adoptive parents (also seen in the photo above), I nearly barfed. I was horrified. Flabbergasted. What the . . . How did we fall into such lunacy? I wonder if the people of Sodom stooped to this level of perversion and confusion? 

Where does it stop? Where does it end? When will people snap out of the stupor of political correctness and recognize that there are rules, laws, absolutes, gender differences and the likes? What if a 50 year old male pedophile gets busted and standing before the judge professes to be a 14 year old girl trapped in a grown man's body and request to be locked up in the girl's juvenile detention center - and if the judicial system refuses his request, he'll appeal to a higher court based on today's LGBT pandering laws? And in all fairness, the courts give in and grant his request? What if I try to take my German Shepherd on a plane with me and when confronted by the airline employees I claim, "This isn't a dog; it's a human trapped in a dog's body! Now, back off or me and my dog will sue this airline for discrimination against trans-species human beings!"? 

The truth of the matter is this: Statistics put it at somewhere around only 0.3% of the general population that identifies as transgender and less than 2% that identifies as gay and lesbian (around 1.8% for men and 1.5% for women to be exact). Think about that! Laws today are being specifically created and rammed down everyone's throats just to cater to less than 2% of the population. And the crazy part is this: No one is or has been discriminating against them to begin with. I haven't found a place yet that had a sign hanging up on the door saying "No Gays Allowed!" Not one. All we've seen are cases where people refused to support the LGBT Movement due to their moral convictions. For example, bakeries that were sued by LGBT activists were sued because they didn't "endorse" this practice. The bakers didn't tell the LGBT activists that they couldn't purchase from their stores or even enter their stores; they simply said they won't bake a customized cake expressing a message they find revolting . . . much the same way a Black man may refuse to bake a cake with a swastika on it and the N-word on it. Each of the LGBT activists were given the opportunity to purchase one of the pre made treats, but they wanted to pick on these bakers rather than leave and go next door to the baker who doesn't mind catering to their desires. It's a bullying tactic: "Celebrate and endorse my lifestyle or I'll sue!" Now, the door is swinging open for anyone who has an identity crisis (transgender, trans-species, gender-fluid, pedophile, etc.) to threaten lawsuit on the basis of discrimination. After all, who are you to tell a 60 year old white woman she is not a dragon trapped in human form (there is someone claiming to be a real dragon by the way. I'm not making this up)?

We saw the slippery slope coming. Don't get angry but it's been coming for some while. The Revolution of the 60's provided a big push. The gradual decline in biblical literacy over the years has increased this downhill spiral. President Obama, when he got into office, made promoting and legitimizing the LGBT Movement one of his main priorities, even to the point of criticizing the Bible and the biblical view of sexuality in one of his speeches during a gay pride celebration he held at the White House as being "worn arguments" and "old attitudes" that need to be replaced. We, as a nation, have been inching our way closer to God's divine wrath due to our compromising on God's Word. Today, big businesses are pressuring governors into signing bills that breed more confusion and further strip away gender differences . . . like what's going on in North Carolina today where companies like Apple, Paypal, Angie's List, Starbucks, Cirque de Soleil, General Electric, Pepsi, Hewlett Packard, Choice Hotels International, Whole Foods, Levis Strauss & Co., Lionsgate, and organizations like the NBA, NFL, and even the NAACP are threatening to boycott the state if they don't allow transgender men and women to use whatever restrooms and locker rooms they want to.

We may be suffering an identity crisis today which has thrust our nation into a state of confusion, but should we choose to continue on this path there will be no confusion as to why judgment has come upon this land.

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