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A Free Course on The 4 Most Asked Questions About Writing A Book

In this course, we will cover

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What Others Have Said About Working With Me

"Working with T& J Publishing Company was the best experience any writer could have. There were times I didn’t feel like writing, there was time I felt like quitting, but I looked at how far I came, and yes, how much further I had to go. I have a few friends that are inspired to write books. I let them know that this company is the best to work with. If you would like a stress free writing process then I recommend them. I am looking forward to more projects with this company." - Nikki Pullins-Canady, pastor and life coach

"Your professionalism, and knowledge of the business was very impressive. T&J Publishers made the journey of writing a book an easy one. My finished product exceeded expectations." - Niya Brown-Matthews, life coach and entrepreneur 

"I was finally ready to release my book and I wanted it done right. I am ELATED to say my experience with Timothy Flemming and T&J Publishing Company has been nothing short of excellence. He really captured the vision to turn my dream of being a published author into a reality." - Laurona Phelps, pastor and entrepreneur

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Timothy Flemming, Jr.,

Founder of T&J Publishers

I am an entrepreneur, award-winning writer, author, coach, public speaker

and minister. 

In 2010, I founded T&J Publishers, a book publishing company where I have served a multitude of people, helping them to write and publish their books and develop their personal brands. I have worked with all kinds of people, from life coaches to pastors to reality television personalities and celebrity athletes.

Who is this for?

This course is for individuals who're writing - or thinking about writing - a book.

What's the catch?

There  is no "catch". There are no strings attached. No secret, hidden fees. And no obligation to purchase anything. All you'll be receiving is a ton of awesome value that will set you up for success in your endeavors as an author

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